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Employee Portal (MySchedule)


Andgo Rollout

In spring 2021, Providence introduced Andgo, the new online scheduling tool for unionized staff, which rolled out to staff in four phases.

The first phase began in April to familiarize staff with the new Andgo employee portal where staff tested signing in to Andgo (from work, home or mobile device) using single sign-on, which is the same log in information used to view online job postings and electronic pay statements. From here, staff are able to view their schedule and check that their contact preferences are up-to-date.

The second phase introduced Smart Call as a method to callout and offer short call shifts. Using the notification preferences set by employees in the Calendar View, the Smart Call systems sends out shift offers for shifts scheduled within the next seven (6) days.

This phase also included online automated prebooking capabilities to optimize the process of filling future vacant shifts. Employees can apply for available shifts as soon as they become known, which gives employees the ability to manage their work life balance as they can apply for available shifts weeks in advance. Future vacant shifts are automatically posted on the available shifts calendar as soon as they are created; employees can track the progress of their active submissions online.

​On June 29, 2021, Smart Call and Prebooking modules were launched to Phase 4 departments. To see a full list of departments click here


Smart Call and Prebooking Updates 

The Andgo project team has heard feedback from staff and leaders that suggest more time, both for staff to bid on shifts and for People Staffing to award shifts, will greatly improve efficiency and help enhance the Andgo user experience. Based on feedback we receive, we continue to make adjustments to improve scheduling processes where possible.

Click here to view the Changes to the Shift Bidding and Awarding Process Guide. Effective June 9, 2022

Unfilled Shifts on MySchedule:

All Available shifts are offered through Andgo, based on the unfilled shifts uploaded on to MySchedule. Staffs would be notified via email, text or call. Unfilled Shifts are uploaded to Andgo as follows:

Time to Shift Start  

Upload Frequency*  

Submission Window  

0-1 days Starts at 5:14 a.m. and every 15 minutes until 9:45 p.m.

30 minutes

2-6 days Starts at 7:02 a.m. and every hour until 8:02 p.m.

3 hours

7-29 days Shifts to be launched at 2:00 a.m. everyday

31 hours

30-112 days Shifts to be launched every Thursday at 1:30 a.m.

5 days

*approximate times


Click on the links below for Smart Call and Prebooking user guides:

Andgo User Guide - How to Apply for Shifts and Blocks

Andgo User Guide - How to Withdraw a Submission

Andgo User Guide - How to Change your Smart Call Preferences

Andgo User Guide - How to Review/Search for Shift Notifications

Click here to watch the education tutorial on Smart Call & Prebooking 

Click here for frequently asked questions about Smart Call & Prebooking



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