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June 9, 2021 - New Update!

Smart Call and Prebooking modules launched to Staffing on June 7, HIM - CGH, SMH, and BCCA VI on June 9, 2021.

Click on the links below for Smart Call and Prebooking user guides:

Andgo User Guide - How to Apply for Shifts and Blocks

Andgo User Guide - How to Withdraw a Submission

Andgo User Guide - How to Change your Smart Call Preferences

Andgo User Guide - How to Review/Search for Shift Notifications

Click here for self-assessment checklist

New Education Sessions for Smart Call and Prebooking here!

Click here to view the Smart Call and Prebooking video

New Submission Windows

June 1, 2021

Andgo's employee portal (MySchedule) launched for phase 3 

What is Andgo?

Andgo is the new online scheduling system that PHC unionized staff will use to view their schedule, update their contact preferences and to see and bid on all available shifts in the near future as well as weeks in advance.

The Andgo system will better support our people, streamline processes and modernize our technology by automating the communication processes of receiving and filling employee’s planned and unplanned leave requests.

Andgo consists of six (6) components that will replace the current disparate systems and paper-based processes including automated shift callout functionality (replacing ASC), prebooking (replacing the manual spreadsheet system) and an online selection process for annual vacation planning (replacing the paper-based process).

Andgo combines and further automates complex scheduling processes into one easy-to-use online platform that will manage all your scheduling needs. 

Moving to Andgo is the first of several steps PHC is taking to upgrade our outdated (and disconnected) staffing systems and processes into one consolidated online portal. This move will create efficiencies for People Staffing to reinvest back into providing better service to the organization.


Benefits of Andgo

  • Moving staffing services online to one integrated system will improve your staffing experience with these many benefits for Providence staff, the organization and the communities where we live and work.
  • Manage all your scheduling needs (in one online platform)
  • View your schedule
  • See the status of upcoming shifts at any time, in real time and up to 16 weeks in advance
  • Greater control and flexibility over your schedule with more options for how and when you want to be contacted for shift offers
  • Complex scheduling processes are simplified using the best technology (cloud based system)
  • Aligns PHC’s staff scheduling systems with those in place at other health authorities
  • Replacing paper-based processes supports environmental sustainability


Andgo Rollout

Coming this spring, Providence will introduce Andgo, the new online scheduling tool for unionized staff, which will be rolled out to staff in phases.

The first phase will begin in April to familiarize staff with the new Andgo employee portal where staff will test signing in to Andgo (from work, home or mobile device) using single sign-on, which is the same log in information used to view online job postings and electronic pay statements. From here, staff will be able to view their schedule and check their contact preferences are up-to-date.

The second phase will introduce Smart Call to replace Automated Shift Callout (ASC) as a method to callout and offer short call shifts. Using the notification preferences set by employees in the Calendar View, the Smart Call systems will send out shift offers for shifts scheduled within the next seven (7) days.

This phase will also include online automated prebooking capabilities to optimize the process of filling future vacant shifts. Employees can apply for available shifts as soon as they become known, which gives employees the ability to manage their work life balance as they can apply for available shifts weeks in advance. Future vacant shifts are automatically posted on the available shifts calendar as soon as they are created; employees can track the progress of their active submissions online.

(Click on the image below to enlarge)

Andgo Staffing Timeline.png

What’s Next?

The project team will communicate to staff in advance of each phase  as each group is on-boarded to the new system. Planning for educational training and demonstrations is in the works and will be launched to staff this spring.

Step 1: Sign into the Andgo Employee Portal (MySchedule)

Using your web browser from work or home, go to

When prompted, enter your PHC or other Health Authority network/webmail username and password. This is the same username and password used to access work computers and webmail.

If your password has lapsed due to inactivity (such as extended leave or if you never activated your account by logging in), please call the IT Help Desk at your Health Authority. 

Step 2: Review your account information and view your schedule

Clink on the links below for user guides:

Andgo User Guide - How to View My Information

Andgo User Guide - How to View Schedule

Step 3: Watch this video to understand how the Andgo Employee Portal (My Schedule) works

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