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Beginning October 6, 2021, we’ll be launching the Annual Vacation module that is part of the Andgo staff scheduling system.

This new module will streamline the vacation rounds for both employees and managers; and cuts down on a lengthy and, often complicated, paper-based process.


What is Andgo?

Andgo is the new online scheduling system that PHC unionized staff will use to view their schedule, update their contact preferences and to see and bid on all available shifts in the near future as well as weeks in advance.

The Andgo system will better support our people, streamline processes and modernize our technology by automating the communication processes of receiving and filling employee’s planned and unplanned leave requests.

Andgo consists of six (6) components that will replace the current disparate systems and paper-based processes including automated shift callout functionality, prebooking (replacing the manual spreadsheet system) and an online selection process for annual vacation planning (replacing the paper-based process).

Andgo combines and further automates complex scheduling processes into one easy-to-use online platform that will manage all your scheduling needs. 

Moving to Andgo is the first of several steps PHC is taking to upgrade our outdated (and disconnected) staffing systems and processes into one consolidated online portal. This move will create efficiencies for People Staffing to reinvest back into providing better service to the organization.


Benefits of Andgo

  • Moving staffing services online to one integrated system will improve your staffing experience with these many benefits for Providence staff, the organization and the communities where we live and work.
  • Manage all your scheduling needs (in one online platform)
  • View your schedule
  • See the status of upcoming shifts at any time, in real time and up to 16 weeks in advance
  • Greater control and flexibility over your schedule with more options for how and when you want to be contacted for shift offers
  • Complex scheduling processes are simplified using the best technology (cloud based system)
  • Aligns PHC’s staff scheduling systems with those in place at other health authorities
  • Replacing paper-based processes supports environmental sustainability

Andgo Timeline 2021/2022

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